Vinyl Fence Installation in Pasadena

White Vinyl Privacy Pasadena CA

Do you wish to upgrade your wood fence with something that will last you years with little to no upkeep? Check out vinyl fencing as an alternative. Vinyl Fences provide beauty and a clean look that will last years with little upkeep.

Vinyl fences are easy to clean.  You can occasionally spray down your fence with the garden hose, washing away the light dirt buildup. When your fence gets a little heavier dirt buildup, using a light-scale power washer will clean it right up. You’ll have a shining vinyl fence as tho it were brand new!

two tone vinyl pvc fence Pasadena ca

Design and Style

Another great part to choosing a vinyl fence is the color options. While the standard choice is an all-white fence, there is now a color pallet you use to choose for the various parts of your fence.

Vinyl fences come in several heights.  The most common design of vinyl vinyl fences includes full wall privacy or an open picket fencing.  While privacy fencing is a common choice for backyards, a picket fence can be a great choice to enclose the front yard of your home – allowing your pet even more room to roam freely.  And you won’t have to worry about them running off!

Eco-Friendly Option

Did you know that vinyl fencing is a great eco-friendly option for your fence installation?  You will need to replace your wood fence within 10-15 years, especially if it has not been properly stained and sealed on a regular basis.  So, every 10-15 years, another wood fence goes to the landfill. And, that means using more trees to replace it!

Vinyl fencing has a long-life and durability. You can expect it to last you 30+ years without fading or breaking!  Your vinyl fence installed by Pasadena Fence Company will last you many years while saving landfill space, and saving trees!


Plan Your Vinyl Fence Install Today!

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