Swimming Pool Fences

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Swimming pools require the utmost in safety regarding fences. Pasadena Fence Company realizes that safety is paramount no matter if it is a commercial/public pool or your home oasis in the backyard.
For this reason we offer several solutions for your home or business's pool safety.

Removable Pool Fences

Removable pool fences have become a great option for families who have a short-term need for the safety of their children and their backyard pool.  Removable pool fences, sometimes referred to as mesh pool fence, are great for families with small children who plan to live in their home for years to come. When your children grow beyond the early grade-school years and you can trust their ability to swim, then the fence can be removed with little resemblance that it even was there.

However, when you do have young children, it is important to keep them safe from accidental drowning.  Removable mesh pool fences accomplish this exact thing.  We will drill into your concrete surface and install a plastic sleeve. The plastic sleeve allows for easy insertion and removal of your fence panels.  These mesh fence panels can be in place most of the time, and when you have a large gathering it can be removed for ease of access.  Later, when your kids are older, you can remove the fence more permanently. When you decide to sell your home, the mesh pool fence can be a great selling point for other families who need that same protection for children. Pasadena Fence Company will happy to help you plan your mesh pool fence installation and carry out the process to keep your family safe from accidental drowning. 

Commercial Pool Fencing

commercial pool fence Pasadena ca

If you have a pool at your business, you understand the liability implied with such a situation. Additionally, you are aware that cities have more codes and regulations for public pools. We are here to handle all issues regarding your public pool fencing needs.

Pasadena Fence Company continues to stay in touch with all city codes regarding pool fencing, both residential and commercial, in Pasadena and our surrounding cities.  And no worries, if we are not immediately familiar with those requirements, we will check on those city codes before completing your FREE quote. We understand the liability concerns surrounding your commercial pool. You can be safe knowing you are in good hands with Pasadena Fence company.  

Common materials for a commercial pool application includes vinyl fencing, like the one seen above, or aluminum fencing.  Occasionally, in high-end commercial situations we also will install true wrought iron pool fencing.  It doesn’t matter which material you wish to use, we will install it right the first time.  And you can rest assured, if you have a problem, we are just a call away! Call Pasadena Fence Company at 626-243-7433 for your commercial pool fence installation.

Safe, Affordable Pool Fencing

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We understand that your pool fence has several important factors -safety, quality and budget. For this reason, we offer free estimates on all of our pool fence projects. We can give you several material choices with prices at the time of the estimate so you can make the best decision.

When you need safety, and peace of mind for your backyard or commercial fence, you know to call Pasadena Fence Company. We will provide you with a quality product, expert installation, and the best in customer service.